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Working from Home

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

After COVID-19 many people had to quickly shift to working from home for safety reasons. It's interesting how many companies who usually operate in their offices or business were able to quickly make arrangements in order to allow people to still do their jobs. Some argue that some companies can continue to work from home, even after COVID.

Working from home requires consistency and discipline. You are challenged to perform your duties in a place where you usually relax. Some have found it to be rewarding and can function better in the privacy of their homes compared to their usual work environment. As long as the job is done effectively and efficiently, does it matter where the employee is?

I have three tips to help with your shift to work from home. The first is ensure you have set a a consistent daily schedule and stick to the schedule as much a possible. Second, refrain from yielding to distractions. Some people think because you are home, that they can borrow from that time you have set aside for work. Third, set aside a designated area in your home to work. Some people have office space in their home and others have had to designate a specific area in the home. The designated area should be conducive for work. It would not be best practice to attempt to work in a location that would cause you to not be productive or to be distracted. Stay safe. Stay productive. You got this.

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