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Cynthia O believes in writing content that is thought-provoking and engaging. Cynthia O’s work tactfully serves as a reservoir of strength and a reflective tool for personal growth and development. Through the recitation of each word and the turn of each page, Cynthia O connects with each reader and plants a desire to want to know more. Check out Cynthia O's pieces of art and make them a part of your list of favorites.

Free As An Uncaged Bird

Free As An Uncaged Bird offers a journey of self-reflection and true freedom. This work of art unveils the most intimate thoughts of author Cynthia O and interviewees who dared to share moments of victory, conflict, and perseverance. This book also provides readers with a safe space to ignite freedom! Your freedom awaits! The door is open.

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Dream Like A Queen

Dream Like A Queen reminds young queens to honor who they are and to be the Queen they were born to be! This book provides five memorable and valuable tips to help queens flourish and reign in excellence!  Order your copy today!

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Dream Like A King


Hey King! What is your special dream? Let's go on an adventure to meet other kings just like you! As you go, we'll pack five tips to take with you wherever you go.


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