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As an Artist in Residence in the discipline of literature, Cynthia O creates an intriguing atmosphere that highlights the art literacy like never before!

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Cynthia O is a creative word artist  who enjoys seeing others soar to their greatest potential. Cynthia O 's awards include the Woman of Distinction Award  and local winner of the Remarkable Women Award sponsored by WBTW 13 News. Cynthia has authored works for adults and children. Cynthia O founded a literacy program, The Royal Reading Experience, as an effort to increase reading among youth, assist youth in discovering their value, and recognize the value in their peers. Submit an email titled ARTIST IN RESIDENCE BOOKING REQUEST to to book Cynthia O today! Check out the link below to be directed to Cynthia O's Artist Directory profile.

Click below to view Cynthia O's Artist Directory

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