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Spook Me Out!

It's that time of year where people bring out their mask and design their homes or businesses in attempt to scare others. It's a holiday that is celebrated by some. You'll see children going from door to door asking for a Trick or a Treat. Most of the time, the children are given a Treat. You'll find many speaking on the origin of the holiday and they choose not to participate. Whatever your choice, is your prerogative.

What lingered in my mind is the thought of how fear is heightened on this day. Even though in many cases it is all entertainment. So my question today is, What are you fearful of in your life? Does fear lurk around, weigh on your shoulders and keep you from making your next move? Where did the fear come from? What did you experience to makes you hold back? Who's hurtful words, shattered the mere thought of your dreams?

You ever look at someone who is afraid and show it outwardly? I know what fear feels like. Think about a child or adult that you've seen in that moment of fear. They're intense. Their heart beats faster and sometimes their eyes my widen. Their senses are heightened to the point of fight or flight. Fear can cause you to seek protection or handle it face on. Use wisdom and discernment to determine the best coarse of action.

How can you get past that fear? Dissect it. Oxford languages provides two definitions of the word dissect. The first definition is to methodically cut up in order to study its internal parts. The second definition is to analyze something in minute detail. Have you ever participated in a dissection before? I have. During my sophomore year in high school, one of the major highlights that we had to prepare for was the dissection of cats in our Biology class. The cats were properly prepared for the dissection. We were responsible for dissecting and identifying several part of the cat. We were told that cats were chosen due to the close resemblance of cat and human anatomy. Dissection takes time and skill. You must know where to start first. You must be able to properly identify and use the instruments provided. You must be able to shave off the outer layer and precisely cut through the layers in order to establish the opening needed.

Use the tools that work for you. Whenever I need to analyze a situation, I find a quiet space with limited distractions to think about it. Maybe it will also work for you. Steal a moment of quietness. Acknowledge the fear. Reflect back on how that fear affects you. Explore where the fear started. Is the fear hold you or are you holding the fear? Some fear the unknown because it's something new or a path they've never explored before. Let the unknown take care of itself and do your part to break past it.

Now, this is where, in your mind you begin to fight. Bring out tools of positivity. Bring out your spiritual forces of war. Bring out the layers of strength that lay dormant in your mind and fight back. Declare that you will not be fearful. Declare that you are an overcomer. Declare that you are a winner! Push that fearful thought out of your mind and replace it with a seal of confidence. Fear will not keep you from making your next move.

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