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Time is On Our Side

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I recently listened to a speaker who made a very profound statement about time. The speaker stated that the beggar and the millionaire are both given 24 hours a day. What both do with the time is what makes a difference. It is important that we not allow others to steal or waste our time. Time is a precious resource that can not be bought and once it is spent, you are unable to get that time back. Use the time given each day in a purposeful way. As you audit your time, let your associations and individual commitments add value to your time. How is it that time is on our side? Time sides with you, when you side with time. Understand intricate details as it relates to time. Know that you also live in restraints of time. Maximize on the time that you are given. Use your time wisely. Reduce the amount of wasted time. Live out the time you have left in a manner that allows your purpose to be fulfilled.

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