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One Leap Away

A few years ago, I participated in a required obstacle course. At the beginning of of the course I was required to climb and jump over several barriers. The initial barrier was no problem at all. Everyone was able to get over it without hesitation. As the course progressed, the more difficult or challenging the task. One wall in particular was very challenging for those who were shorter. I found my self in that category, struggling to make it over. In my mind I was determined to remain focused and refused to give up.

During the course, there was a collection of different personalities floating around. There was the highly motivated who waited for this day to come, and with a competitive mindset, set out to be the first one to reach the finish line. There were those who didn't necessary care to be first, but wanted to make certain that they were not in the category of those who were last. There was also those who struggled and prayed during the whole course, that they could reach the end.

The obstacle course included a rope course that was crafted over a small collection of water. A person on the opposite side of the water would swing a rope to you, and your job was to grab the rope as it got closer to you, and swing to the opposite side to the person who passed the rope to you. There I was, only one leap away. My heart raced as I waited for the rope to reach me. At that point, I completed most of the course and had a few things left to do during the course. The rope heads my way. I could feel the wind on my face as I prepare to glide in the air. Ready to feel victorious so that I can finish the remaining course. I prepared my hands to grab a hold of the presenting rope. I reach out and take my biggest leap! In air I shifted. I reached my next destination. I look up, swallowed in the body of water as the rope swung by. I missed the rope and splashed in water.

I made my way out of the water, discouraged and defeated. I don't know how I missed the rope. I saw it coming. I prepared myself. I leaped and grabbed for it. However, somehow, I was off a bit. I couldn't stop there, drenched in my feelings. I still had an obstacle course to finish. I look at this situation differently now. I was one leap away from the experience of riding on the rope and taking the easier route around the course. Even though I missed the rope, in my mind I refused to give up. Those who missed the rope were laughed at by those standing by.

Let that laughter of others and your determined mind be your fuel to get you to your expected end. Let them laugh. Let them point. You may be drenched with the issues of this world. It may feel heavier because you're drenched and your peers are free sailing with dry clothing. Whatever you do- don't quit. If at some point you missed your rope, get up and keep pushing. You have an expected end. You have a course to finish.

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