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My actions tell me that it is worth having because I fought to have it. Long nights and early mornings became my daily routine. Researching, self-reflection, and financial investments paved the foundation. Prayers seemed like a repetitive song. I looked for the signs to ensure I was making the right move and headed in the right direction. Over and over I strived for things I wanted, checking off the list. Yet, there's something that is not talked about much when speaking on pursuing your goals. What do you do after you've achieved that goal?

Have you ever purchased your dream car after searching various dealerships for the perfect fit? You test drive, check out all the features, make that ultimate decision to sign on the line, and drive off the lot with your prized procession. Think about any goal that you worked for. Maybe it was employment, weight loss, a relationship, or a home. You have achieved it, now maintain it. You've put in the work to get it. Don't forget to do what it takes to keep it.

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