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I'm Still Dreaming

August 28, 1963 in Washington D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial, thousands of people stood, listening to one of the most powerful speeches voiced by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The speech was titled "I Have a Dream." As like most days in August, the temperatures were high. The large crowd of supporters enhanced the heat as they stood there, being empowered by the hope that flowed through that powerful speech. The temperament of the people varied across the land. Some stood with him and praised his works, while others saw him as rebel and thought that he should be silenced.

Their opinions varied because of the continuous turmoil that plagued and continued to divide the people. We encounter different types of people today, as during that period time. Some people are unbothered with living in the status quo. They are unbothered with doing what they're told~ because they are told to do. They keep quiet and keep the peace, in hopes of causing 'no trouble'. They will have no willing part of confrontation if they can help it. In spite of how they are treated in the world around them, they keep quiet and stay in their lane.

Our personalities vary and everyone has a purpose. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was not a keep quiet, stay in your lane type of person. One of the key components of his movement, was to proceed without being violent. He worked tirelessly until the day he died, pursing the dream. I'm quiet sure Dr. King had plans to live a long life, see his children grow up, and to one day meet his grandchildren. He was full of experience and wisdom. Unfortunately at a tender age of 39 years old, his life was taken too soon. I was not there during this challenging period of time, but the deeply rooted stories in history will forever be repeated and never forgotten.

The "I have a Dream" speech has been repeated many times since its inception. The words promised a day in which people from all colors and backgrounds will work together in a great expression of unity. The speech declared a day which the rights that were given to all people are finally enforced. The speech declared a day in which character reigned over skin color and privilege.

Dr. King's dream planted seeds which birth forth many additional dreams. Several left the Lincoln memorial that day full of inspiration. They were motivated and transformed. They had a choice to either pick up the torch and help make the dream come true or let the dream continue to be just a dream. If you take a look at the world around you, it is evident that someone picked up the torch and began working towards the dream.

Think about the natural state of dreaming and what occurs in the body when dreaming occurs. In a natural state of dreaming several processes happen before you get to the period of dreaming. Through research, it has been discovered that sleep occurs in cycles. One very active cycle of sleep, noted as Rapid Eye Movement (REM), is when dreaming occur. The amazing thing about REM sleep is that even though your brain in active due to the dreams, the brain is also relaxed, allowing one to continue sleeping.

Dr. King dreamed of a new day for America. He dreamed of a platform in which all Americans will be treated equally. Dr. King remained active while dreaming. A portion of his dream became a reality. What did that mean for the thousands of people listening to his speech that day? What does it mean for the people who were born years after those words were spoken across the Lincoln Memorial? Since he died before the dream came into fruition, did that mean the dream could not became a reality?

Just as in the stages of the sleep, after REM, the mind cycles back around to the the other stages. This provides periods of rest before going back into REM. Our work and our dreams does not mean we will not have moments of being still, moments of planning, and moments of rest. We, as the stages of sleep, cycle back around and continue the work.

Some picked up the torch and continued the dream. I am a dreamer. I am an active dreamer. Here I stand in REM, dreaming, and pursuing every passion and goal that is planted inside of me. Just as Dr. King did, I speak those things that sometimes seem impossible to the world around me. Yet, I'm still dreaming and moving forward.

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