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How Soon Do We Forget!

My freshmen year in college was definitely a year to remember. It was during that time that I solidified decisions for my future. I switched majors after finding out that the major I originally chose was not the direction that I wanted for myself. I established connections personally and professionally, some for temporary gains and others to last a lifetime.

I had a great relationship with my roommates and maintained contact with family at home as often as possible. I was about a month into my freshmen year, walking near the Prince Lawn when the chatter started up. Many students rushed to their dorms to call home and to check the news. The phone lines were so busy, at one point calls were not going through or coming in. Our world had forever changed. Our seal of safety was pierced and even though the threat of danger was so far away, it was yet so close.

I never imagined our country being attacked in this manner. Our country was attacked by terrorists. After the attacks, there remained a sense of insecurity about our safety. No one knew what to expect next. Where the terrorist choosing specific locations. Were they aiming for all states? How many more were out there? What did they hope to gain or prove? We lost so many lives on 911. Our country was filled with sadness, anger, rage, and fear.

Every year since 2001, people reflect on where they were during the 911 attack. Many reflect on the lives lost and the chain of events that occurred. However, some never really think about it because they feel it didn't directly impact them. They think it was a day that happened years ago and move on. Some who are here now were not even born yet and only know about it through their history books and the media.

This week I watched the videos of interviewed survivors and the replay of how the plans crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. My heart ached as I watched the victims waiving from the highest floors in the towers and choosing the jump instead of burn. The victims on the ground looked up, hopeless, wanting to help but knowing the magnitude of danger above. They recently ran for safety because of the crashing building, smoke, and debris. Some walked, some ran, some took the ferry, and hid in any location that was considered to be safe.

Why is this history echoed every year? Why do some say "Never Forget 911"? There are some pieces of history that we remember to ensure that it never happens again. We became more vigilant of our surroundings and ensured measures were in place to heightened security in an effort to offer some layer of security. If you haven't watched the videos from 911, take a moment to look at them.

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