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Fill Me Up

What did you eat for Thanksgiving this year? What is a large gathering as usual or did you have to downsize due to COVID-19? Where you responsible for any particular dish or were you the one to bring the cups, plates, and ice? Do you eat on time? What was your favorite dish? One of my favorites is dressing, or some of you may call it stuffing. It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving for me to enjoy this dish.

If you chose to participate in a large gathering this year, it may have looked different compared to gatherings in the past. One of the things that people will do besides the usually festivities of Thanksgiving is get FULL of food. You ever been full but saw the dessert and had to try a small piece anyway?

I did get full, as I always do. I didn't overeat. I ate enough to be full/satisfied. I chose to be full of my guest. Full of laughter, full of precious moments, and full of time that can not be replaced. I am a true believer of refilling oneself. I believe we should fill ourselves with networking opportunities, and moments they you may not need right away. You can always reach back and pull resources, moments, and knowledge to the forefront as needed. Educate your mind and never stop learning. Never stop growing. Never stop refilling. Reach back and get a refill of love. Refill on living outside the box. Refill on everything that makes you who you are.

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