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Did You Mean to Call Me?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

You ever missed a phone call from a caller, you call them back, and after your salutations, you ask the usual question: "Did you mean to call me?" You may also ask: "Did you call me?" Their response is always yes or no, followed by their reason for calling or their apologies for any miss-dial. Calls are known to captures your attention.

What is calling you? Who is calling you? What is grabbing your daily attention. Is the call worth your answer. Is the call for you? I believed we are called for specific purposes in our lives. We have to prepare ourselves to answer our uniquely designed calls. We must know how to answer the call and where start.

Connecting with what is familiar and what is already inside you will aid in answering your call for your life. Focus on what is being presented to you. Don't miss the right call for your life by responding to unnecessary calls.

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