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Airplane Tears

Who would have thought I would be sitting who the plane with my earbuds in, traveling miles away at sunset? Not me? Sitting on the plane, I was comforted by the smooth ride- with the exception of the take off and landing. I used the time to allow many thoughts to fill my mind, and it was also a good use of time to take a nap before my life changing experience waiting for me after exiting the plane.

There's always a story behind the story. I remember when I was a little girl, I did not like to hear or see airplanes flying over me. I would literally cry if I saw them, especially if I thought they flew too low. I'm not sure where that fear of airplanes fly over me came from. My siblings new what would happen each time and would prepare for the tears and gather their words of comfort. I was always assured that the planes were far away and no threat to me. I was more comforted when the plane was out of site and out of mind.

My first flight was after I enlisted in the Air Force and was on my wait to basic training. There I was, the one who used to be afraid of airplanes, literally in the air with no tears. I took that moment as a life lesson of facing fears head on. I was afraid of something that I had not experienced at that time. What changed for me? The planes still perform the same duties as they did when I was a young girl. The change happened in my mind.

Once your mindset changes, everything else begins to shift. What is your fear? What is it that you need or want to accomplish but haven't out of fear due to how things appear? If you make the decision to face your fear, what is the worst that could happen? What is the best that will happen?

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